CEO/ Founder


        Born in Atlantic City, New Jersey but soon moved to Washington DC, Ms. Summers a product of the proud Ward 8th district. Growing up in Ward 8 provided its own list of challenges dealing with inner city issues that have often over run these communities. In 2016 the idea took flight as her first company was formed. The message was clear to promote unity and empowerment within the Ward 8 community. “Never Black Down” was the coined phrase that has pushed this brand into homes in DC, MD and VA as well as others. Focusing on building from the ideals learned as a young black female growing up in a world which doesn’t often love you back. The brand has done a multitude of services in the Ward 8 community include back to school events, summer events, fashion shows and stop the violence events. As a budding brand Reginia has continued aspirations to build within Ward 8, including running for ANC8C04 in SE Dc. Things on the list have been focused on safe spaces for the youth, programs that promote self love and self education. Indeed Ms. Summers has a bright future with her brand an other endeavors.

The Movement: To immerse our community in love. To provide outlets for our youth to grow and express self confidence and self worth... To give back unrelentingly to under served neighborhoods and communities at all cost. To provide inclusive merchandise that will distribute our message of self love and expression.